White Zirconia Dental Crowns

White Zirconia Crowns

YES! You have a choice.

  • Natural tooth-colored pediatric dental crowns
  • Sprig Zirconia Dental Crowns for Children
  • Esthetic, Biocompatible, Metal-Free

Many parents are relieved to learn there is an aesthetic option for their child. Sprig crowns are made from 100% Zirconia, one of the strongest ceramics on earth. They are easy to place, durable and ultra-esthetic. Parents have been extremely pleased with how beautiful their children's teeth look after the procedure.

Dr. Johnson has successfully placed hundreds of Sprig ceramic crowns since 2011.

Sprig crowns were developed by two local Sacramento dentists in 2006, and their company is located in Loomis, California. They were the first company to conceive, engineer and sell ceramic crowns for primary teeth. Sprig crowns are sold around the world and are considered the best quality primary tooth ceramic crown on the market. You can find out more information on their crowns and company at https://sprigusa.com.

If you have any questions on ceramic crowns for your child or would like more info, please call our office.

White Zirconia Crowns